1. Permission to establish Samdonghoe International Corp.



  1. Samdong International launching ceremony

  2. Apply for a designated donation group (Contents: Designated as a designated donation group by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance)

  3. Nepal Lumbini Well Project

  4. Established Taekwondo factory in Samdong, Cambodia

  5. 4Way-Entertainment and Agreement



  1. Haiti slogan activist dispatch

  2. Signed MOU with Battambang University, Cambodia

  3. Established Samdong Foundation in Nepal

  4. Signed MOU with Nepal Samdong Foundation

  5. Established DELKHII NEG GER BUL, a local subsidiary in Mongolia


  1. Broadcaster Kim Je-dong appointed as ambassador for public relations

  2. Opening ceremony of Samdong Village in Mongolia

  3. Cow Bank Operation Agreement in Myanmar's Magui region (Support for scholarship students)

  4. Agreement with Samdong Karuna School in Bangladesh

  5. Signed MOU with Emart Iksan

  6. Signed MOU with Kyesung Construction Co., Ltd.

  7. Signed MOU with Mirae Hospital

  8. MOU contract with S-Connect

  9. Signed MOU with Wonkwang Health College

  10. MOU signed with Daesan Environment


  1. Arun Paudel (Wonsungcheon) Nepal Branch Manager (Lumbiny Samdong School Principal) issued

  2. Wonchang Academy, Wonkwang University Moral Education Center, Jeonbuk Volunteer Comprehensive Center signed MOU

  3. Digging wells in Lumbini, Nepal (about 170 places)


  1. Film actor Jung So-min appointed as a public relations ambassador

  2. Signed MOU with Chonbuk Confectionery and Bakery College, Chonbuk National University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  3. Samsung Electronics Laos School Project Support

  4. Opening ceremony of Lumbini Samdong School in Nepal

  5. KOICA Myanmar single year, Mongolia multi-year support project selected

  6. Approval of establishment of INGO in Mongolia

  7. Lao Central Government signs MOU with state government

  8. Started construction of Laodong Xiang Kwang Samdong University and pilot operation of Samdong Farm


  1. Signed MOU with Wonkwang University, College of Life Resources Science (related to agricultural technology transfer)

  2. Opened INGO in Laos

  3. Opened Mongolian Vocational Education Center

  4. Laos Samdong University opened

  5. Signed MOU with Wonkwang University, Department of Nursing


  1. Signed MOU with LINC Project of Wonkwang University

  2. Laos Samdong University School Dormitory Construction

  3. Laos Samdong General School Kindergarten Remodeling

  4. Signed a contract for the construction of the Lumbini Library in Nepal with the Baekcheon Cultural Foundation

  5. Signed MOU with Nepal Corporation Body One Foundation

  6. Signed MOU with Nepal Migrant Workers Association

  7. Obtained consultation with the UN ECOSOC Economic and Social Council


  1. Signed an MOU with Janguart

  2. Signed MOU with Wonkwang Central Trust

  3. Signed MOU with Iksan Mahan Rotary Club

  4. Signed MOU with Youth Compensation

  5. Nepal Lumbini Samdong School Library Construction


  1. Lao National University signs MOA with Wonkwang Digital University

  2. Sisterhood relationship with Jeonju Peace Cathedral

  3. "What are you going to do about this?" Attraction


  1. Started the Myanmar Community Fund Project and delivered the CURE100 donation: attended the opening ceremony of the Rainsue Village Library, selected 5 students from the CURE100 and 6 scholarship students from the 2nd Samdong Youth Club

  2. Support for the construction of the Danefu Township Library in Eyawadi, Myanmar

  3. Lao Cien Kwang Province, Ministry of Public Administration and Security's Public Interest Activity Support Project'Medi Lao', held a long-lived project: Cien Keng Province Health and Sanitation Education Project (Business Briefing for Cien Kwang Province Government Officials)

  4. Wonkwang University (Moral Education Center) Dormitory Salem/Longpiu School Education Volunteer

  5. Samdong International Laos Teacher and Scholarship Invitation Program

  6. Laos Dam Barrier Disaster Disaster Area (Atapu Province) 1st Regional Survey (Won Buddhism World Volunteer Foundation)

  7. Won Buddhism Guri Cathedral Volunteer visit to Samdong Daycare Center in Mongolia

  8. Participated in Nepal ACCAC Social Welfare Conference and International Conference

  9. Nepal Lumbini Samdong Comprehensive School (VISHOW EKATA ACADEMY) Classroom Construction Support (Annex Completion Ceremony)

  10. Childhood Ceremony of Lumbini Samdong General School & Wonkwang High School in Nepal

  11. Support for Myanmar CURE100 Community Fund Samdong Youth Club Medical Camp


  1. Won Buddhism Teachers' Association Volunteer Visit to Banta Middle School

  2. Gunsan National University Kathmandu New Life Source Education Center Education Volunteer

  3. Iksan Mahan Rotary Club & Wonkwang University Hospital & Samdong International Business Agreement

  4. Signing ceremony for Samdong International & Baekcheon Cultural Foundation (support for the construction of a new high school library in Rungpiou, Laos)

  5. Samdong International inaugurated as 3rd Chairman Young-Joo Kim

  6. Yeongsan Seonhak University Overseas Preparatory Worker Training Support Ceremony

  7. Non-profit corporation public interest activity support project,'Medi Lao' longevity project

  8. King Sejong Institute opened and first completion

  9. 'Global Culture & Arts Festival' commemorating the 10th anniversary of Samdong International


Samdong International Corporation

Office. 063-858-9481

Address. (54593) 4th floor, 9, Jungang-ro 5-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do

Fax. 070-4327-5003

Registration Number. 403-82-11793

Representative. Young-Ju Kim

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