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This is Young-Joo Kim, Chairman of Samdong International!"

Samdong International is a Korean NGO (International Relief) Organization launched with the vision of “One world, one humanity, and one family” to lay the foundation for welfare in underdeveloped countries.

Since its launch in 2008, we have been continuing our business in Mongolia, Nepal, Laos, and Myanmar despite many difficulties.

Established a regional education center in Mongolia, opened and operated a daycare center, Nepal's well digging project, established and operated a Lumbini Samdong Comprehensive School, operated a Wonkwang New Life Center in Kathmandu, established and operated a Samdong Comprehensive School in Xiang Kwang Province, Laos, and a middle and high school in Rungpiu Besides, we are carrying out various projects such as support for new classrooms and dormitories, Myanmar's cow bank project, library establishment, and scholarship project.
Also, we have developed talented people in Southeast Asia through the human resource development project, invited them to Korea, went through a language school in Korea and conducted excavations from executive directors, and now produced 3 contributors.
And with the support of the Won Buddhism Centennial Memorial Society, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea Social Welfare Council, Wonkwang University Medical Center, Nanum National Movement Headquarters, and embassies of each country in Korea, the Multicultural Family Support Center in Korea, Mongolia and China outside of China (Yanbian), Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines, we presented a bright and hopeful tomorrow through surgery, treatment, and treatment to more than 100 children suffering from diseases and disorders.

Now Samdong International will endeavor to develop a more sound system. And we are committed to becoming a truly international NGO that works with community organizations as well as all over the world.

Dear patrons! And everyone who loves Samdong International!
Thank you for always.

Young-Ju Kim, Chairman of Samdong International

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