Terms of Use

The depositor agrees to withdraw money from his/her account using automatic debit.

'Samdong International Corporation' is displayed on the withdrawal account, and CMS automatically withdraws the contract date every month. Resident registration number is required when inquiring and issuing donation receipts from the National Tax Service.

Consent to the use of personal information

Samdong International, Inc. values ​​the personal information of sponsored members. Accordingly, we comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and the Personal Information Protection Guidelines, and receive the consent of the sponsoring member for the following matters.

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

Applicants may refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information, and if they do not agree, there may be restrictions such as withdrawal transfers and issuance of donation receipts. ⓵ Purpose of collection and use of personal information: identity identification, information delivery, donation proposal, withdrawal of donation, issuance of donation receipt, mailing, web character ⓶ Collection items (personal information): name (business name), account holder, resident registration number (business owner) Registration number), contact information, email, address, financial institution name, account number, donation amount, transfer date, e-mail 보유 Retention and use period of personal information: from the date of collection and use consent to 5 years after the end date of termination (withdrawal) of CMS withdrawal transfer

Personal Information Third Party Consent

Samdong International does not provide personal information to third parties without your consent except as required by law. Applicants may refuse to provide personal information to CMS Pro2 and Encom Welfare Co., Ltd. for the personal information, and in the event of rejection, it may be difficult to provide automatic transfer application and donation receipt application service. 자 Who is provided with personal information: CMS Pro2, Encom Co., Ltd. welfare system 목 Purpose of using personal information: CMS program provided, CMS withdrawal transfer service provided, confirmation of withdrawal consent, issuance of donation receipt, text delivery, automatic transfer processing ⓷ provided Items of personal information: name (business name), account holder, social security number (business registration number), contact information, financial institution name, account number, donation amount, transfer date

I am an automatic debit person, and provide financial transaction information (transaction financial institution name, account number, resident registration number, etc.) to the transaction financial institution from the time I apply for automatic debit to the termination application, and do not notify the person to whom the above information is provided. I agree to the terms and conditions and the provisions of the Financial Real Estate Transactions and Confidentiality Act and apply for automatic transfer as above.

Samdong International Corporation

Office. 063-858-9481

Address. (54593) 4th floor, 9, Jungang-ro 5-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do

Fax. 070-4327-5003

Registration Number. 403-82-11793

Representative. Young-Ju Kim

Donation Account

KFCC 5135-09-003797-8 (Depositor: Samdong International Corporation)

Hana Bank 350-890011-39704 (Depositor: Samdong International Corporation)

​※Please contact us after depositing your account to manage your donation and issue a donation receipt.